COVID-19 Effect: No Sailing without Charts

Vista Mar Marina during Coronavirus Lockdown, San Carlos, Panama

(May 26, 2020): Panamanian lockdown Day #63. Coronavirus! Things were all going well until this pandemic lockdown was declared. Since March 25th, we have been under curfew in Panama. The only time we are allowed to go out is either for grocery or medication shopping and then only for a few hours on a certain day/time frame.

We stopped our future planning and sailing. I know that “Health is the most important thing.” However, life without freedom is not worth living for me. The longer we are under lockdown, the more I dislike government. I prefer to use my own power to fight with a disease, heal, revive, help, celebrate, and love.

Sailing is a total independent activity. Without charts and books, we won’t sail anywhere. We read and study information. We work on the boat when we can and must. We buy food, and cook meals for us and maintain boat in good shape. We do exercise for balanced mind, body, emotion, and spirit with good vibe. “Nothing comes from nothing.” Luck is not guaranteed. We believe in sweat and able hands. In order to be independent and responsible, we practice certain disciplined tasks.

According to “World Cruising Routes” (by Jimmy Cornell), the best time to sail from Panama to Marquesas is “February to June”. It doesn’t look like we will be sailing to French Polynesia this year. Countries and islands have been closed not welcoming foreigners. We don’t want to be orphans wandering at sea. Our original visa is good for 180 days here in Panama. Time is running out. We believe, there will be adjustment due to pandemic.

If countries open, where should we go? When can it be? What kind of normal life are we facing? We need new charts!

Our Cat, “Swat” Waiting for Freedom, Vista Mar marina, San Carlos, Panama
Calabash (“also known as bottle gourd”) Tree in Vista Mar Community, San Carlos, Panama
Cashew Nuts and Cashew Apples Picked-Up in Vista Mar Development, San Carlos, Panama
Mango Tree in Vista Mar, San Carlos, Panama
Little Pond by Vista Mar Golf Course, San Carlos, Panama
Vista Mar Marina View from Golf Course, San Carlos, Panama

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