Internet SIM Card in Suriname – Digicel Prepaid SIM Card

Digicel SIM Card in Suriname, South America

(January – February 2018) In Suriname, I bought a SIM Card from the Digicel store in Paramaribo, Capital of Suriname. SIM Card cost 30 Suriname Dollars (about USD4) and 6GB data cost 153 Suriname Dollars (about USD21) which is good for 30 days. I paid it by US Dollars and received change in Suriname Dollars. The store person setup my phone. There was no waiting line in the store.

One of the Digicel SIM Card Stores in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America

We stayed in the Waterland Resort Marina near Domburg ( There is Wi-Fi available at the outdoor café/restaurant in the marina. This Wi-Fi speed was good but the connection speed from the boat was not fast enough for me.

I bought my SIM Card to use it on the boat. The speed of my Digicel SIM card was slow. It was like 2G speed. It worked okay before 7am but was too slow to use starting around 7am until late at night. I spoke to a store person about the slow connection speed. They told me that they are aware of the slow speed issue. They are working on the improvement of speed. It is interesting to note that all over the main highway that there are signs that say Digicel 4g. Maybe soon, but definitely not now.

***Helpful Notes***

  • APN (Access Point Name) Setup: Name – digicel (*all lower case), APN – (*all lower case)
  • Data Balance Check Code: *120*3#send
  • Money Balance Check Code: *120#send

List of Data Plan Price (in Suriname Dollars) and Activation Codes, Suriname, South America

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