‘No Sushi’ Signs in Curacao

Garbage Bin at Beach

Garbage Bin at Beach

When we first arrived in Curacao, we saw ‘Dushi’ (Sweet) signs everywhere. Staying here longer, we are seeing ‘Sushi’ signs more often. ‘Sushi’ means ‘Trash’ in Papiamento, the local language in Curacao.

Curacao is the country I have stayed the longest in so far other than my birth country (South Korea) and my adopted country (USA). During the last three months, we have met lots of cruisers and local people in Curacao. “Thursday Night Cruiser’s Dinner” at ‘The Pier’ Restaurant was a great social event. Grocery shopping, hiking, snorkeling, and playing ‘Mexican Train Domino’ games with other cruisers, all will be missed very much. Taking good memories, we are leaving for our next destination, Colombia in South America. Good-Bye ‘Dutch Island’!

Good-Bye 'Dutch Island'! at Spanish Water Channel Entrance in Curacao.

Leaving Spanish Water Bay Channel Entrance in Curacao.

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