Prepaid Internet SIM Card – Bonaire and Curacao

My Experience with a Prepaid UTS Chippie Simcard in Bonaire and Curacao

(June – August 2018) The UTS Chippie store is easy to find in Kralendijk, Bonaire. There are many options for data and/or calling plans. I purchased a Chippie SIM Card (USD 7) and a 6GB data plan (USD 52), good for 30 Days. The SIM Card came with a balance of USD 5. I deposited additional money for calling. The setup was done by a store person. When my data balance ran out, I renewed by depositing additional money in the store in Bonaire. After we sailed to Curacao, I continuously and seamlessly used my SIM Card in Curacao. The connection speed was good both Bonaire and Curacao.

***Helpful Notes***

  • Requires a Valid Photo ID
  • APN (Access Point Name) Setup: premium (*all lower case)
  • To Check Data Balance: Send the SMS “surf val” (*no quotation marks) to 3434
  • To Check Money Balance: Dial #191#
  • Call Cost per Minute: 35 Cents
  • Text Cost per Message: 14 Cents

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