Started Sailing up the Sea of Cortez

Sunrise near Punta de Mita near La Cruz Marina, Mexico

It is good to be back at sea. It is locally called either Sea of Cortez, Mar de Cortez, or Gulf of California; no matter what you call it, I will say it again, it is nice to be back at sea! The beautiful and tranquil sea, the quietness with nothing but nature, just pure wave and wind sound in my bed, I feel full. I cannot ask for more. Today’s journey started with watching the sunrise in the layers of mountains. A school of dolphins were with us for a while. Lots of small birds on the water drifting in some plants and logs washed from the rivers somewhere. Lots of fish jumped. We caught nothing, not even a weed. Maybe tomorrow we will switch out to another type of lure. I really hope to catch some for our cats. In the evening, we arrived at a nice anchorage at sunrise. I thanked the nature: sun, wind, ocean, animals, sky, a shot of tequila at sunrise, and many other things.

Caught a picture of Dolphin. They move fast.
Arrived at Sunrise at Matanchen Bay Anchorage, San Blas, Mexico

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