Excellent Medical Checkup in Mexico

Doctor Shukan’s Office, La Cruz, Mexico

October is my birthday month and when I usually have my annual physical checkup. Many doctors and dentists in Mexico speak good English. I visited Doctor Shukan’s office which is near La Cruz Marina in Mexico. He is well-known by the cruisers/expats community in this area. The office collected my blood and urine samples. When reports were ready, I had a long and pleasant consultation with him. As I live on a boat and travel all over, I see doctors in different countries. There are some doctors (ones in Trinidad, Colombia, South Korea, and Panama), I truly respect. I added Doctor Shukan on my good doctor list.

The medical cost (cash) is really reasonable all over the world, except the USA. The US Medical cost is just mind-blowingly ridiculous. It doesn’t look like any politicians are working on a good solution. I am sure many US Citizens love to have a simply understandable cost-effective health care solution. I will vote for the person 100%, if any political candidate comes up with a way to fix the mess which is the US healthcare system.

The total cost in Mexico that I paid, including lab work, consultation, and medication was about 100 US Dollars. Mexico is next to the USA. Air fare to Mexico is not that expensive. It made me think that it would be more reasonable that I carry only an Intensive/hospital care insurance in the USA and have other health issues cared for in Mexico. I remember three years ago, just getting a refill prescription would cost 85 US Dollars (cheapest) when I visited my home in Florida. At that time, I decided not to get the refill as I wanted to quit the medication anyway. I just didn’t want to pay 85 US Dollars for a copy of a note with a doctor signature.

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